Friday, March 8, 2013

'sudo apt-get update error', slow mirror: Ubuntu 12.04

When attempting to update the newest long term release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, some users have experienced 'sudo apt-get update' error when trying to update. One reason for this message to appear could be that the mirror you are trying to download updates from does not serve Ubuntu 12.04 updates yet. Also some users may be experiencing unusually low download speeds of updates. This slowness has been alleviated by the ability to select the update mirror closest to your location.

apt-get: Using closest mirror

To configure apt-get to use a good mirror based on your location place the below text into the first line of /etc/apt/sources.list

deb mirror:// precise main restricted universe multiverse 
deb mirror:// precise-updates main restricted universe multiverse 
deb mirror:// precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse 
deb mirror:// precise-security main restricted universe multiverse

This should be all that is needed to get updates from the closest mirror geographically.

apt-get: Closest mirror GUI

To download packages from the best server you will need to change/update a few settings in the Ubuntu Software Center application.

1. Begin by launching the software center.

2. Select edit from the menu bar, then select Software Sources. ..
Software Sources
3. Click the drop down arrow for the Download From options.
Software Sources
4. Choose other.
choose a download server ubuntu 12.04
5. Click "Select Best Server."
6.  Software center will now perform a series of tests to find the best mirror for your location.

testing of download servers
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